Kookies Crafts Community Creative Hub

Have you ever wondered what inspires one person to make a difference in this world?

This week we are chatting to Viv from Kookies Crafts. This is Her story ….in her own words….

Hi Jayne

Kookies Crafts is a unique not for profit shop that provides a venue for local crafters to sell their handmade products by renting shelf space and selling my own handmade products.

I host and teach craft workshops and allow other craft tutors to rent my space charging a minimal fee. Thus creating a stronger community, enabling others to meet like minded people in a stress-free environment. Crafting is helpful in supporting good mental health and well- being.

This started when I had to give up work due to fibromyalgia, I wasn’t ready to stop ‘doing nothing’. I had a vision to start selling handmade crafts in 2016 with my sister which eventually led to using a converted garage to host workshops and having a small shop in the basement of my daughter’s bakery. Covid put an end to the shop, my sister retired and I continued with workshops.

I took a leap of faith in Jan 2023 and moved into the premises I am in now. I opened to the public mid Feb. Going back to the pandemic when lockdown was declared I felt I wanted to help a family/families close to home financially, I prayed God would lead me to a family.

Unbeknown to me at the same time Pastor Charles and his wife were crying out desperately for food. They live in Malawi, Central Africa, in a village called Nsanje District. The Lord connected us through a friend.  By the Grace of God so much has been achieved over this time . From just helping one family it has spread to supporting the entire village and more.

I do not take the credit for this because without those that support my vision and Kookies crafts it would not be possible. This is how family, friends and members of the public help

1, by local crafters renting shelf space.

2, customers who purchase the products

3 those who book onto the craft workshop

4 those who donate to the additional fundraising events. Eg raffles, all day craft workshops with up to 8 different craft tutors offering different crafts, a handmade Christmas market and craft supplies sales.

5 who like, share and comment on my Facebook pages to spread the word about Kookies and all that is offered.

The long-term vision is to enable the village to become self sufficient and enable children to access education leading to future employment.

Over the next few days we will be looking at the journey so far