Wessex Vale makes vinyl records containing loved ones’ ashes

The bespoke mementoes are now available at three Hampshire crematoriums, Wessex Vale in West End, Southampton, Test Valley, near Romsey, and New Forest at New Milton. 

It’s thanks to a new partnership between Westerleigh Group, owner of the crematoriums, and And Vinyly, who can press the ashes of a loved one onto a traditionally-made vinyl record. 

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Several copies of a 7” or 12” record can be made, enabling family members and friends to each have a lasting record of their loved one to treasure.

The record can include a personal message, someone’s own soundtrack or just the sound of silence with the unmistakable background of the pops and crackles of a vinyl record.

Matthew Brook, from Westerleigh Group, said: “We are always looking to expand the range of memorial options available to the bereaved in order to give them the widest possible choice and help them to create uniquely personal memorials for their loved ones.

“What you receive is a real playable vinyl record containing around 18 minutes of audio on each side, along with a small amount of the ashes.

“And it is not only music that can form the soundtrack, many people choose to include recordings of special occasions or conversations with their loved one on the vinyl.

“The process enables people to design their own sleeve and label artwork too, if they wish, using templates provided by And Vinyly.”

And Vinyly is the brainchild of music producer Jason Leach, who found himself focusing on mortality after his mother began working at a funeral directors.

He said: “We have developed a unique additional process that enables us to press a small amount of a loved one’s ashes into real vinyl records, creating an audio-visual memento.

“The first step is the collation of the content. This can be collaborative and is often a cathartic experience, with friends and family contributing photographs and words, voicemails, answerphone messages and recordings of special times.

“We create beautifully bespoke vinyl records which can be kept at home, played and cherished for generations.”

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