Watch: Brawl breaks out during The Arctic Monkeys Ageas Bowl concert

Footage shared on social media shows the clash between concertgoers in the middle of the crowd of fans at the cricket ground on Wednesday.

In a series of videos, security in high-vis vests are seen trying to stop the clash and chasing one of the people involved.

The footage also shows a number of security guards escorting one of the concertgoers.

Daily Echo: Security trying to stop brawl at Ageas BowlSecurity trying to stop brawl at Ageas Bowl (Image: Joseph Gargaro)

One of the concertgoers who witnessed all from his seat, Joseph Gargaro said: “I saw a bit of pushing and shoving happened, then the security came over to break it up that’s when it all kicked off properly and punches were thrown.

“Security got a few people away but left the main culprits behind. It kicked off about 3 times before everyone causing trouble was removed.”

Hampshire Constabulary has since confirmed that it is not involved.

Daily Echo: The video shows the moment security escorted one of the fansThe video shows the moment security escorted one of the fans (Image: Joseph Gargaro)

Other guests have spoken of the “chaotic” scenes after the concert ended when people didn’t know where to go.

Kirsten Webster, from Salisbury, said: “It was chaotic because people didn’t really know where they were going. Clearly, some people had a lot to drink and when it came to the end of the night

“There wasn’t a lot of information about where to go so we just followed the rest of the crowds because we didn’t know where we were supposed to go.”

Kirsten said she and the four children with her waited around two hours to get a shuttle from Ageas Bowl back to the car parking lot.

She said: “It took us about 2 hours to get into a shuttle back to the car park. Once we were in the bus it took us 20 minutes because of all the traffic leaving the venue.

“Once you got to the grounds where we were parked there weren’t enough staff in the car park to help coordinate all the cars to try to get out.”

She added: “I would prefer to go to London for a concert as I would get home sooner. I won’t go to another concern at Ageas Bowl again.”

The Ageas Bowl declined to comment on the issues. 

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