Unique artistic collaboration comes to Winchester

GLASSMAKER Sue Tinkler and photographer Paul Sansome, have joined together to present a visually stunning exhibition of photography and kiln-formed glass, PhotoFusion, at City Space, Winchester Discovery Centre from Friday August 28 to Saturday September 26.

Sue and Paul are unusual, if not unique, in that they are artists working in very different genres, who have come together in a collaboration to inspire and influence each other.

This has resulted in collections that feature Hampshire’s chalk streams, local woods, the coast and shoreline, as well as wilder landscapes such as Iceland and the Hebrides.

The two art forms, including limited edition long exposure photographs and kiln-formed sculpted and free-standing art glass, harmonise to create an exhibition rich with texture and colour. It provides an uplifting, immersive experience that celebrates the seasons, breath-taking landscapes and focuses on semi-abstract details from our natural and industrial heritage.

This collaborative approach came about when the two artists discovered a number of coincidences in their individual artistic journeys, and a shared appreciation of place, landscape and detail. Between them they have developed a complementary body of work that encompasses textural, shaped glass bowls and atmospheric semi-abstract photography.

Sue said: “We began working together due to discovering a number of shared coincidences, including visiting and being inspired by the same far flung locations and viewpoints. Working collaboratively seemed a very natural development.”

Sue Tinker and Paul Sansome have worked together on a series of exhibitions, but this is their first in Winchester, where Sue’s studio is based.

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