UniKebab Southampton wins national award

Uni Kebab in Burgess Road has claimed the crown for Best Value Restaurant at the 2022 British Kebab Awards.

The multi-award-winning Turkish Restaurant offers freshly handmade and traditional foods and has previously won the Customer Satisfaction Award at the same awards, twice.

Daily Echo: All the British Kebab Awards won by Uni Kebab All the British Kebab Awards won by Uni Kebab

Speaking about the recent achievement, owner Emma Gezer said: “We found out we won on March 1. We were surprised to be nominated for another category, but it is nice to win a different category for a change. We can’t be greedy.

“But it fits with this year as it has been quite hard because of Covid and Brexit.

“Prices have increased but we have tried to keep the prices of our products as low as we can, and with our new restaurant it is perfect timing.”

On Tripadvisor, the restaurant boasts numerous positive reviews, with one reviewer describing the food as ‘fresh and well presented’.

Another reviewer said: “The food is blindingly good, high quality, fresh, tasty, and affordable.”

Daily Echo:

For Emma, this is what makes them stand out from other kebab joints.

She said: “I think our win is down to a mix of people liking what we do and us trying to keep the prices low as they did increase during Covid and Brexit.

“A lot of our customers are students and families so we tried to keep the value good for them.

“We make everything from scratch and we always put the hard work in. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

“We know the quality of our food and it’s quite healthy as Turkish food usually is and has vegetarian options, unlike other kebab shops.

“After our win, we can continue to keep doing the same thing and with Covid, it was such a hard time, but we have come out the other side of it and it’s nice to continue doing what we do.”

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