Southampton: Unity Brewing Co goes into liquidation

After six and a half years, Unity Brewing Co will be closing its shutters for the final time today as it enters liquidation.

Well-loved among punters in Southampton, the brewery sold its beers across the city in various restaurants and bars.

Unity Brewing Co quickly became a household name in the city, but the Covid-19 pandemic and “rising costs” forced the closure of its doors. 

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In an online statement, the company – founded by Jimmy Hatherley – said: “Since the first lockdown almost three years ago, trading has been a daily battle and despite weathering many storms, the last few months of rising costs, debt, and difficult sales have made it impossible for us to continue.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support we’ve had in the six and a half years of Unity beer.

“Connecting people, putting smiles on faces, and promoting togetherness through delicious beer has always been at the very centre of what we have done and we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without you.

“So, here’s to you and here’s to togetherness.”

Daily Echo: Jimmy HatherleyJimmy Hatherley (Image: Jose Ramos)

The Unity Bottleshop and Tasting Room in Bedford Place will continue to trade.

However, this will be under a new brand.

The company took over the premises from Cloud Wine which closed last September.

It was hoped Unity Brewing Co could continue the site’s “over 100-year history as a bottle shop.”

The company will be bidding farewell to the city and its beer drinkers at a party at the Bottleshop on February 25 from 12pm to 10pm.

A statement from Mr Hatherley added: “It is heartbreaking to have to close Unity.

“Unfortunately, the terrible combination of Covid, Brexit, and the cost of living crisis have made it impossible for us to operate without making a loss every month.”

He added: “Unity’s successes would have been impossible without our incredible team, loyal customers, and awesome collaborators, as well as our 300-strong community of investors who have shown such belief in Unity, and I want to thank them all.”

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