Solent University student competing in BBC’s Glow Up

Ella Freer, who is studying prosthetics and special effects design, has been announced as a contestant on the sixth season of the BBC Three show Glow Up.

She is bidding to be crowned Britain’s Next Make-Up Star.

Originally from Leicestershire, Ella has been living and studying in Southampton for three years being trained by professional lecturers.

The university has said it extends its full support to Ella, one among eight talents battling it out under the meticulous pursuance of judges Val Garland and Dominic Skinner.

Ella said: “Starting out, I didn’t feel confident enough in my skillset to apply for the show, but since using the University’s facilities, I’ve been able to enhance my skills and become a better makeup artist.

“Solent has provided me with skills in a variety of areas, but using the studio spaces to capture high-quality images of my work has been the most beneficial and has significantly improved my work.”

She added that being in a creative environment and learning things she had an interest in has allowed her to open up and express herself.

Donna Bevan, course leader on the BA Prosthetics and Special Effects Design, alongside BA and MA Makeup and Hair Design, said: “We were so excited when we found out Ella would be appearing on Glow Up, knowing it would be an incredible opportunity for her to demonstrate her amazing artistry to such a wide audience.

“We are tuning in every week, keen to see her progress, and we can’t wait to see what Ella does when she graduates.”

Glow Up is hosted by Victoria’s Secret fashion model Leomie Anderson, which sees eight of the most talented aspiring make-up artists compete each week.

They are judged on their creativity and ability to thrive under pressures, in intense professional assignments, from pop star-led social campaigns to global gaming body painting, West End theatre looks and mastering gory TV special effects.

So far, Ella has made it through two episodes of the competition.

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star airs every Wednesday at 8pm on BBC Three.

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