Pizza vending machine arrives in Southampton city centre

Pizza Rebellion has expanded its fleet of pizza vending machines to the city centre.

The machine was unveiled at the rear of 129 High Street, the former Robin’s Nest store, on Tuesday.

This follows the company’s previous success with their permanent machine at BP Sholing and temporary addition in Eastleigh earlier this year.

Daily Echo: The new machine at 129 High Street The new machine at 129 High Street (Image: Pizza Rebellion)

A spokesperson from Pizza Rebellion said: “We’ve had such an amazing response in the adjoining areas, and we were desperate to find a Southampton location.

“So, when this city centre location came up, we jumped at it.

“It’s situated just off the High Street and is near to all the student accommodation.

“We all know students love great pizza so we can give them that 24/7 in just four minutes.”

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The vending machines serve up warm, freshly made pizzas from a large storage container.

Those peckish for pizza can make their choice by using a touch screen.

After a four-minute wait, customers are greeted by a pizza poking out from a letterbox-style hole in the machine.

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The spokesperson said: “We have obviously just launched, but we are keen to surprise our customers with a super fun interactive experience and great craft pizza.

“Our mobile concept allows us to take advantage of short occupancies.

“However, we’re keen to find additional long-term sites in transport hubs, areas around the late night trade, and near our number one followers – students.”

The pizza vending machine can be accessed via Castle Way and is opposite St Michael’s Church.

Parking is available outside.

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