PHOTOS: Winchester Heritage Open Days 2020

WITH more than fifty online events spanning ten days, this year’s Winchester Heritage Open Days was a success in uncertain times.

More than 12,000 visited the festival’s website during event programme and the films by Winchester College and the Watercress Line with reached over 5,000 views

Hundreds more took part in live talks and other events.

Organisers Becky Brown and Nicky Gottlieb said they are delighted at how well things went.

“At the beginning of this year we really didn’t know what Winchester Heritage Open Days would look like this year because of our funding and resource constraints, and then came along Covid-19,” said Becky.

“However, throughout the challenges of lockdown Nicky and I have remained determined throughout that we would keep the Heritage Open Days flame alive, and thanks to the enthusiasm of local residents and businesses, the support and sponsorship of Winchester College, and also Winchester BID we have succeeded.”

Whilst it is hoped to see open buildings and guided tours return next year, the online events were received well and many would like to see pre-recorded walks, talks and live streamed events become a regular feature of the annual festival.

Becky added:” “It has been a truly wonderful festival, in fact I think we can say fantastic in the circumstances.

“The combination of a diverse range of online and in person events has worked so well. We have learnt so much about hosting digital events, and now, subject to successful fundraising over the coming months, we have even more ideas for 2021.”

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