JHenry’s Hedge End goes TikTok viral after battering Greggs steak bake

The Lee family at JHenry’s Fish & Chips on Upper Northam Road, Hedge End, has been experimenting with social media in a bid to increase the chippy’s online presence.

Manager Sonny Lee, 29, had been posting videos of him battering a Domino’s pizza and a chip butty.

Sonny got the inspiration for battering the popular baked product after being asked whether he wanted something for lunch from the popular chain.

Since posting the video online, it has now been seen by more than 1.2 million people across Facebook and TikTok.

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The video was so popular that it gained more than 200,000 views in just a single day.

It was also picked up by viral social media food channel FOODbible and Sonny even got a surprise comment from the official Greggs TikTok account with the bakery specialist writing ‘Speechless’ in the comments of the video.

Sonny told the Echo: “The reaction we have had is just so surreal – even more so because we have just got started on TikTok.

“We have had the odd video get a few thousand views but nothing on this scale.

“The response from all the viewers has been great. There have definitely been two camps in terms of the video. One group has said it ‘looks lovely, and I would love to try it’.

“Others have said they think it looks like a ‘heart attack on a plate’.

“We wanted to keep battering new things as you can only do so many videos battering cod.”

Sonny said he has received hundreds of suggestions on what viewers wanted to see him deep fry next.

Greggs pizza slices, cheese and bacon turnover and chocolate bars have all been suggested.

He said that some had even suggested that JHenry’s should start selling some deep-fried food items.

Sonny added: “Keep an eye on our TikTok because we have a whole range of ideas for deep frying in batter in the future.”

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