Fundraiser launched for Lordshill couple in ICU with Covid

A BID to raise £7,000 has been launched to support an elderly Southampton couple both being treated in intensive care for Covid-19 – with one in a coma.

The call has been made by Alisha Leatherbarrow, whose grandparents are suffering from the virus at Southampton General Hospital.

Jerry Brooks, 76 is currently in a coma, while his wife Karen, 65, who suffers with asthma, high blood pressure and a heart condition, is just a few wards away.

Prior to the pair being taken to hospital just three days apart at the start of January, Jerry had been shielding from Karen as she had been working as a carer for elderly people.

But now Alisha says she wants to raise the cash in the hopes that it will support the couple until Karen reaches retirement age in July, allowing the couple to focus on their health.

And in less than a week, the target has almost hit £1,000.

Daily Echo: Karen and Jerry BrooksKaren and Jerry Brooks

Alisha told the Echo that despite only being separated by a few walls in the hospital unit, the Lordshill couple – who have been married for over thirty years, “can’t hold each others’ hands”.

On her motivation for starting the fundraiser, Alisha said: “I was thinking about something my nan said when she first became ill, she told me not to worry because she has to get better because she has to work. I thought that was awful.”

She continued: “It’s a horrible feeling when you want more than anything to help but there is literally nothing you can do.”

“Starting the go fund me was about really wanting them to recover together and not have to have the panic about where money is coming from, their health has to come first and I truly believe they’ll heal the most together.”

To people who have donated, Ms Leatherbarrow said: “It truly means the world, it has restored some of my faith in people seeing the kindness of everyone who donated and shared. They have helped more than they realise.”

The fundraiser can be found here.

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