Echo article about eating beaver has Greg James in stitches

Presenter Greg James could barely contain his laughter when his producer dropped in the question about the article on the Yesterday’s Quiz segment of the show this morning.

The travel review of food and drink in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, included mention of a delicious beaver stew from Lokys, one of the city’s longest-running restaurants.

Daily Echo: Beaver stew at LokysTaking part in the topical quiz this week is a group of media lecturers and students from South Wales.

Greg was rattling off the questions to competitor Eve when he got to the innuendo-laden question written by the show’s producer Tom.

“A journalist from the Southern Daily Echo wrote about eating…”, Greg began, before adding: “I’m not reading that.”

He then tried in vain to keep the quiz on track – but was derailed as he and Tom got the giggles.

Greg said: “I’m sorry Eve, I feel like it’s annoying when people are laughing about a thing you don’t know about. I’m going to have to read it now.

“Producer Tom… he’s crying opposite me… this is a disgrace, and I can only apologise.

“A journalist for the Southern Daily Echo wrote about eating beaver in Vilnius. Is Vilnius the capital of Lithuania or Liechtenstein?”

Eve replied: “Oh I wouldn’t have a clue – the first one.”

Greg said: “You’re saying Lithuania? That is the correct one. That is ridiculous.

“He loves a question about a beaver does producer Tom, and it caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to do.”

Daily Echo:

Greg added: “Thank you so much for putting up with our nonsense this morning.”

“It’s good to have a laugh,” Eve said.

The moment went down well with listeners, who text in to the show with their own punny replies.

“I said what I said – I’d rather eat beaver instead”, said Jamie from South Wales, referencing the lyrics of chart-topping single Paint the Town Red by Doja Cat which played after the quiz.

Greg reacted: “Nice one Jamie. Good. That is how your week is going to start, sending in a beaver joke to a radio station. It’s downhill from here!”

Another joke sent in was: “How long was Tom beavering away to come up with that gold question.”

Greg replied: “Hmm, don’t know. But he did have a little smirk on his face when I came in today, I wondered what was going on.”

Another reader added: “Greg, I can’t believe you mentioned Lithuania in the quiz! I’m listening from Lithuania, in the capital.”

Paul in Manchester also enjoyed the joke.

“Well, that’s great isn’t it – sets the tone for the day,” Greg said.

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