Couple jailed after breaking into neighbours’ flat and taking “literally everything”

A SOUTHAMPTON couple has been jailed after breaking into their neighbours flat and taking “literally everything”.

It “was like they had done a home removal”, a court heard.

Emma Urquhart and Anthony Deville broke into their neighbours’ flat in Alma Road, Southampton.

Urquhart stood before Southampton Crown Court today and before proceedings began blew kisses to her partner Anthony Deville, 39.

He appeared via video link from HMP Winchester with both facing charges of robbery which they previously pleaded guilty to.

The duo broke into the student property between March 15 and May 6.

They stole hundreds of items including jewellery, furniture, watches, microwave and a slow cooker.

Prosecutor, Richard Martin told how it was like they had done a home removal and how they had literally taken everything from a young couple.

Urquhart, 39, later took to social media and posted a status which said: “Absolutely love this my clever King has been working so hard to make our house into our home right down to all the little touches. I know he’s done whatever he can to show how much he loves me and it’s made me the happiest Queen in the world. I love you so much xxxx.”

The victims “saw the contents of their house in their neighbours’ property” online.

Another post said: “If you like her then you should put a ring on it which he has.”

It was accompanied by a photo of a stolen ring.

Meanwhile, various items were put up for sale on gumtree.

The defendants were arrested on May 8 and gave a no comment interview.

Deville had been on post-release supervision and had left prison that very same month.

Meanwhile, Urquhart was subject to a community order at the time.

In a statement read out in court, one victim said how when she found out about the burglary she “broke down and went down on her knees”.

She said how four years of her life and all her sentimental items had been taken.

She was left crying and shaking because of the shock.

Her partner said how he was heartbroken and devastated.

In mitigation, Graham Gilbert told how Deville had “obtained trusted prisoner status” while on remand.

Deville previously told his barrister he had no funds and that he had no way of furnishing the flat he was in.

Urquhart and Deville have been partners for “some 13-years and share a number of children together”.

They have both battled drug addiction and it “it is only in custody Urquhart is able to properly address her problems”.

Defending, Emma White argued it was Urquhart’s “first burglary”.

Judge Parker jailed Deville for five-years and Urquhart for 32-months.

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